White Papers

How to Lead a Successful Content Migration
Part 1: Defining Goals and Building the Team

Written by Irrevo and Eventus
In Part 1, we'll cover the important trends impacting knowledge management and help you build your plan and the team you need to go the distance.

Part 2: Requirements, Roadmap, and Resources

In Part 2, we'll take a deep dive into the scoping, budgeting, strategy, and planning to help you design your comprehensive knowledge migration roadmap.

Part 3: Design and Test

In Part 3, we'll take you through the process of building an effective pilot test that puts your migration plan into action and helps you fine-tune before the big launch.


How to Build a Knowledge Management Transformation Plan that Wins Executive Support

Written by Irrevo
Use this knowledge management transformation methodology to efficiently move from discovery, to strategy and quickly into action on your knowledge management transformation.


Managing your Knowledge To Achieve Greater Impact

Written by Irrevo
The success of a modern knowledge management program necessitates a shift from Project to Program thinking.


7 Steps to Self-Service Support Success

Written by Irrevo and Inbenta
Your Customers Want to Help Themselves - Does your self-service site actually deliver? Use these seven steps to map out your process and deliver a positive experience, one that increases your sales, improves your customer loyalty, and builds your brand.