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Melissa Burch
Knowledge Strategist, Irrevo

Melissa has been involved in knowledge management programs for over 17 years. During that time, she's had the privilege of participating in many projects across many areas including knowledge program governance and workflow models, technology and program transitions, content migration projects, and community program adoption.

Melissa's passion is the art of using knowledge to maximum benefit for customers. Her role as Knowledge Strategist with Irrevo allows her to collaborate with our clients to unlock greater value of knowledge.

Jordi Torras
CEO and Founder, Inbenta

Jordi Torras is the CEO and Founder of Inbenta, a company that specializes in Natural Language Processing and semantic search to improve the customer experience. Jordi started his entrepreneurial career in 1997 with his brother. Together they founded SBD in Barcelona, a professional services firm who had over 200 consultants by 2004 and was acquired by the French firm Alten Technologies. Jordi then founded Inbenta in 2005 to help companies improve online relationships with their customers. In 2012, Jordi moved to California to continue the rapid growth of Inbenta. Today, Inbenta's patented technology helps to greatly reduce incoming customer service emails and calls to call centers for industry-leading companies including Ticketmaster, Coupa Software and Schlage Locks.

Matthew Seaman
VP of Service Management and Operations, PTC

Matthew Seaman is the Vice President of Service Management and Operations in the Customer Strategy organization at PTC, one of the world's largest and fastest growing technology companies focused on providing solutions that help customers transform the way they create, operate and service products within a smart,connected world.

In his role, Matthew oversees the lifecycle for support services, including the development of new services, the business systems infrastructure to support services, monitoring and evaluation of services through associated quality measures and the continuous improvement loop to ensure service success. Recently, heavy focus has been on preventive support solutions leveraging IoT smart & connected technologies, big data analytics, and knowledge management frameworks.

Matthew has over 20 years of experience in the technology services industry, building and managing global organizations across North America, Europe, and India. In his previous role, he built and managed PTC's Premium Services organization providing technical and account management services to PTC's largest, most strategic customers.


Customer self service isn't what it used to be.

With advancements in tools and technologies along with rapidly shifting customer expectations, it can be challenging to keep up, let alone get ahead and lead in your industry.

In this webinar we're bringing together a panel of experts who are shaping the next generation of self-service customer experience to discuss how the landscape is changing and the practical steps you can take to prepare for what's next.

Topics include:

  • Creating the customer experience that customers want
  • How companies need to adapt
  • Creating opportunities to deliver greater customer value
  • Giving customers what they want before they know they want it
  • How to take self service to the next level: tools, strategies, and best practices

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