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Melissa Burch
Knowledge Strategist, Irrevo

Melissa has been involved in knowledge management programs for over 17 years. During that time, she's had the privilege of participating in many projects across many areas including knowledge program governance and workflow models, technology and program transitions, content migration projects, and community program adoption.

Melissa's passion is the art of using knowledge to maximum benefit for customers. Her role as Knowledge Strategist with Irrevo allows her to collaborate with our clients to unlock greater value of knowledge.

Lynda King
Knowledge Manager, Salesforce.com

Lynda has led global teams for over 20 years always focusing on delivering an awesome customer experience at the same time optimizing the operations using best practices capturing what we learn, in findable, reusable way. Lynda has been leading Global Knowledge initiatives as Salesforce for the past 5 years, most recently taking on the Content Strategy position in the Employee Success Organization (Human Resources).

Lynda is also involved with several transformational groups that venture to new cultures to better understand diversity in belief systems around the world. She had traveled extensively studying higher consciousness and life coaching techniques and is a Certified Freedom Coach through Cynthia James Enterprises, What Will Set You Free Coaching program. She is a contributing author to a book recently released called "I Choose Me" by Cynthia James.

John Coles
Sr. Knowledge Management Specialist, Eventus Solutions Group

John is a self-professed KM Geek. Currently, John is at Eventus Solutions Group providing strategy and guidance to organizations on KM best practices and approaches. His holistic perspective is a culmination of 25 years developing and implementing a wide array of KM strategies, tools, and practices such as Knowledge Bases, Enterprise Social Networks, Expert Finders, Knowledge Transfer, Self-Service, Community Forums, Knowledge-Cafes and Communities of Practice. Most importantly, if KM is done right, it enables leaders responsible for carrying out the objectives of their Customer Engagement Practices, and optimizing their employee's productivity.

John is most proud of the Knowledge-Flow Maturity methodology he developed at while at Dell. It is an innovative approach which baselines an organization's culture and ability to effectively manage and measure knowledge re-use, sharing and collaboration based on 12 Knowledge-Flow Parameters.

He has actively participated with the Conference Board on Knowledge Management, Consortium for Service Innovation, Kent State's Knowledge Sciences Symposium, and HDI's Strategic Advisory Board.

Kristin Hunter
KM Manager, Sage

In her current role as KM Manager at Sage, Kristin is responsible for the health of the KCS program and relies on building relationships with analysts, coaches, managers, and leaders to keep the KCS program thriving. Kristin has developed a process to "Coach the Managers"through the KCS phases of adoption - managers being often overlooked as key stakeholders to program success. Engaging the managers through ownership of traditional and KCS metrics is an integral shift to sustain any KCS program. She is dedicated to improving the customer experience through her work with the teams at Sage.


Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) can transform your customer support organization, boosting efficiency and maximizing customer satisfaction. Introducing or refining a KCS implementation is never a simple journey, but our panel of KCS experts have successfully overcome many of the same roadblocks you may face.

We'll introduce Irrevo's KM Path™, our proprietary methodology for transforming your knowledge program, and discuss how you can use this framework to ignite change, no matter where your organization is in their KCS implementation.

In this 45-minute webinar, our panelists will answer the tough questions knowledge managers frequently ask.

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