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Sept 22, 2016 @ 10am PST


As knowledge teams we’ve all been faced with the seemingly insurmountable challenge of migrating content into a new system. It takes a sound plan coupled with clear roles and responsibilities. But most importantly, people to make it happen.

In this 45-minute webinar, we will provide you a proven process for making this transition happen, and avoiding the many pitfalls that can lead to people, process, and system failure.



Jason Kaufman
President & CEO, Irrevo

For over 17 years, Jason has helped global enterprises implement knowledge programs, systems, and best practices to reduce support costs, improve overall customer experience, and drive online support success. He's KCS certified and a judge for the ASP's "The Year's Ten Best Web Support Sites."

David Stanley-Jones
Senior CX Strategist, Oracle

David Stanley-Jones is an industry thought leader, writing his first white paper on KM in the mid 70’s based on the Mycin expert system. He was a contributing author of KCS Version 1 in the 90’s, the recipient of the Consortium Innovator Award in 2003, has delivered more than 50 industry presentations and was a contributor to KCS Version 6 planning.

Since the mid-90’s he has been a trusted advisor worldwide guiding more than 150 companies on how to implement, deploy and optimize knowledge programs using Primus, ATG and eGain knowledge suites. He provides specific KM guidance on continuous improvement programs to increase agent adoption, efficiency, first call resolution, accuracy and web self-service.

His focus is on helping organizations create strategies that invoke not only technology but also the required focus on people, process and metrics.

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