Our KCS Aligned℠ software, KnowledgeAQ, helps knowledge managers integrate quality and consistency into the authoring workstream. It's a web-based application that's designed to work hand-in-hand with your existing system to guide compliance within the authoring and review process, resulting in a common voice and a better customer experience.

KnowledgeAQ presents custom checklists, workflow, and feedback into the knowledge authoring process, assuring your standards are applied to all content... providing managerial visibility into which team members touch what content. Visibility is good.

Improve both content authoring and management

Content Authoring

  • Ramp up new team members more quickly
  • Retain a living set of guidelines, standards and best practices
  • Ensure the consistent application of your company's brand and voice
  • Clarify areas of responsibility and ensure accountability
  • Gather and implement guidelines that are department, client, or initiative specific
  • Quickly identify and address inefficiencies

Content Management

  • Develop and reinforce your style guide standards
  • Get insight into the time it takes for reviews, edits, approvals and publication
  • Capture and apply your standards more consistently
  • Track and report on successes and opportunities to improve calibration among team members
  • Make stronger business decisions about your content processes
  • Increase confidence in the quality of your content

Want to find out how your knowledge program measures up?

The Irrevo KM Path™ Program Maturity Analysis is designed to quickly and accurately assess the health of your program based on industry-leading best practices, and clearly define the steps necessary to achieve your program vision and goals.