The Experts Weigh In: Getting Your Knowledge Transformation off the Ground

In our recent webinar, Build a Knowledge Management Transformation Plan that Wins Executive Support, our expert panel shared quite a few stories of how to get a successful KM program off the ground.

In this series of posts, Jennifer MacIntosh, VP of Customer Success at Coveo, is joined by Irrevo’s Knowledge Strategists, Melissa Burch and Laurel Poertner to address the incredibly insightful questions shared by our audience.

Q: What kinds of skills should we look for when engaging a knowledge management expert to help?

Melissa Burch: To be most valuable for you, the experts that you engage should fill the gaps in experiences that you and your team lack.  So for instance, if your knowledge management transformation involves a website redesign and the presentation of your support knowledge base from the website, you need expertise in at least 3 domains.  The first is website design.  The second is expertise in KM tool functionality requirements and third is expertise in knowledge program implementation to ensure that the content you present is maintained.  Or perhaps you aren’t really sure how to get started.  Then you should look for an expert who has expertise in designing effective solutions and can help build the roadmap to get there.

Q: What metrics would be good to report to the Executive Sponsor and how frequently?

Laurel Poertner: I would focus on the higher level metrics and trends that align with the strategic framework.  Something that I have done in the past is to present a Quarterly Business Review for the Knowledge Program.  This allows you to note monthly or quarterly trends in traditional metrics such as Time to Publish, Average Handle Time, Knowledge Reuse, Linking Rates, etc.  It also allows you to give project updates with completed milestones, potential risks and challenges, and finally an assessment of the progress towards the outcomes you identified within the strategic framework.  Don’t forget to add new goals and/or risks to head them off before they happen so the Executive Sponsor is not blindsided by any sudden changes.


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If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch a recording of this webinar. Stay tuned to the Irrevo blog for more Q&A from this session, and follow us on Twitter to be the first to know when we share new answers.

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Irrevo: The 20th Fastest Growing Private Company in Washington State

psbj 100Last week, business leaders from across Washington State gathered at the Sheraton in Downtown Seattle to celebrate the Puget Sound Business Journal’s list of Fastest Growing Companies. For the second year in a row, Irrevo was recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Company in Washington, coming in at #20 this time around.

In a brief speech, Irrevo’s President & CEO, Jason Kaufman, credited employee satisfaction (and warmth) with our continued success. “We all work from home in our Irrevo-branded Snuggies and have cupcakes for our birthdays.”

2014 was a positively electric year for our company. We’ve carried on that momentum in 2015, creating new partnerships, adding several great knowledge engineers and strategists to our team, and working with wonderful clients to facilitate the creation of content that improved the lives of millions of their customers. We hope to make it three in a row next year!



Irrevo recognized among the top 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies on the Eastside!

After being recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in Washington last year, it was really exciting to be recognized again by the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies on the Eastside.

Last night, PSBJ held an awards dinner to announce the rankings for the top 50 contenders. Laurel Poertner, our newest Knowledge Strategist, and I were excited to represent Irrevo among this crowd of top performing CEOs, Presidents, and VPs.

PSBJ top 50 1

Number 9!

The numbers counted down and the suspense intensified, until number 9 was announced. That’s us! The leaders of the top 10 companies were invited to share the secret of their success in ten words or less. My answer: “Whether we can do it or not, we can do it.” Our goal is to make magic for our clients, and sometimes that means our magicians have to learn a few new tricks, but we don’t believe in failure or the word “No.”

PSBJ top 50

The last year has been a time of exciting growth for our company, full of new opportunities and new faces. We wouldn’t be on this list without the support of our clients, friends, and the amazing team we have behind us. Thank you all for your partnership, support, and friendship.

I think we’re onto something! Irrevo ranks #5 in the 2014 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Washington

There was an amazing energy in the air last night at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle. The Puget Sound Business Journal hosted an awards dinner for the 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Washington. Nearly 500 people attended this on-the-edge-of-your-seat countdown from #100 to #1. The recognition and event is all about celebrating Washington-based businesses that fuel the state’s economy and rapid growth. These 100 companies alone recorded more than $2.08 billion in revenue in 2013 and employ more than 8,805 people.

100 Fastest Growing Private Companies 2014

“And ranking at #5 is…”

We felt honored just to be attending the event, but I have to be honest. It felt really good when they got to #10 and we still hadn’t heard our name called. “Now this is very cool!” I thought to myself. They asked each winner to give an acceptance speech of sorts in 10 words or less. Jason Kaufman, our President & CEO, walked up to the microphone and said, “We trust our people, work hard, work from home, and wear Snuggies.” Well said, Jason!

The last few years have been a very exciting time of growth for our company and we sincerely feel fortunate to have worked with many great clients and partners. We appreciate all the support, trust, and friendship and look forward to attending the event again next year. :)