Avoiding potholes on the road to a successful knowledge base transition

avoiding potholesTransitioning to a new knowledge base is one of the most exciting changes a customer support organization can go through. It’s a time of renewal that provides a natural opening to examine current workflows, organizational structure, and content. Change can bring upon great innovations in your business, but technology transitions come with great risks.

As a preview to our upcoming webinar, Secrets to success: Knowledge base transitions, we’re taking a look at some of the potholes you may encounter on the road to success.

Moving forward without a clear vision

Every successful project starts with a clearly defined vision of its end goals. When initiating a change as large as switching knowledge base providers, it’s even more critical to understand what the future will look like. Early in the technology selection process, you may have spelled out what your end goals are. As you learn more about your chosen technology and as new risks and opportunities arise, revisit these goals to see how this new information can help you add context to your goals.

Before a transition kicks off, you should be able to answer:

  • How do we measure success?
  • What does success look like?
  • What specific metrics will be affected?
  • How does new technology support these goals?


Underestimating the power of buy-in

We’ve talked about the importance of obtaining executive buy-in in our recent white paper, and of course a new technology can’t be implemented without leadership sign-off. But it’s just as important to make sure that presenting the benefits of a new technology to all impacted individuals, not just executives and stakeholders, is a part of your communication process.

Proactively sharing information about why a new knowledge base represents a great opportunity for everyone involved builds momentum and excitement. Avoiding the perception that a new technology is “change for the sake of change” is key to getting everyone on board with the transition.  

Some information you might proactively provide:

  • How will this change benefit knowledge base users, both internal and external?
  • What new features of the new technology will affect daily life for content creators and end users?
  • How does this transition align with company, departmental, and personal goals?

Further insight

In our upcoming webinar, Secrets to success: Knowledge base transitions, you’ll hear actionable recommendations on implementing new knowledge base technology. Our panel of expert knowledge professionals will share the best practices and lessons learned they’ve collected over their careers.