How to get your team to buy-in to new content authoring standards

In our recent webinar, The 5 Biggest KM Challenges You’ll Face, our presenters, Melissa Burch, Knowledge Strategist of Irrevo and Brian Bombard, Senior Director of Proactive Support Delivery for Oracle Applications, shared their wisdom on tackling the trickiest problems common to every KM transformation. One of the toughest parts of transforming your strategy is getting buy-in from the people most affected by change.

How do you communicate and get buy-in on content authoring standards?

Melissa Burch, Irrevo:
Build your content contributors into creating your authoring standards as much as possible. Does it mean does that you go to them with a blank sheet of paper and ask them “Well, what should our publishing standards be?” No, but bringing them an early version of the publishing standards and asking for feedback while these are in development can be helpful. This holds true for many of the knowledge management programs holistically. If don’t solicit feedback and you try to roll out changes too quickly , it’s possible that you will run into resistance. Things that are imposed on humans are usually not very well received; it’s just not our style. We like to participate in the process, it’s just human nature.

Brian Bombard, Oracle:
The only thing I would add is once you’ve come up with those standards, make sure you build it into your toolset. Make it as easy as possible. If an engineer selects a certain doc type, make it so that they don’t have to remember what template they need to use.

Melissa Burch:
Making those publishing requirements very difficult to put into practice because they are not supported by the tool is certainly going to put a barrier between a person who’s very busy, but wants to share what they know with others and keeping the ability to do that as streamlined as possible is great advice.

Further Insight

If you missed the live broadcast of The 5 Biggest KM Challenges You’ll Face, you can watch our presentation on-demand.