The future of self-service: Intelligent avatars for customer support

In our recent webinar, Preparing for the Next Evolution of Self Service, Jordi Torras, CEO & Founder of Inbenta, shared his vision of how some companies are already taking steps to future-proof their customer experience program. One way is through the use of an avatar: An AI virtual assistant who answers questions from customers using natural language.

Our audience asked:

Do avatars use the exact same KB content used by analysts or on web self service, or is a ‘special’ set of knowledge created for the avatar?

“Avatars can use the same version of the Knowledge Base, and new knowledge can be added or edited as the Virtual Assistant collects more user questions. Also Decision Trees can be added to the KB that not only answer questions, but are able to gather information from users and effectively solve a problem.”

Jordi noted that avatars can increase self-service success to between 85-90%. Our audience wanted to know more about this statistic:

“We do use surveys to measure customer satisfaction and the overall quality of the experience after a hybrid chat is finished.
We also use Deflection Rates which are measured as the percentage of user sessions with the avatar that did NOT become a session with human chat, email or call.”

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If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch a recording of this webinar. Stay tuned to the Irrevo blog for more expert Q&A.