Identify (and resolve!) support content issues with one precise exercise

hand-and-compassThere are times when you are looking for a quick win to give your customers an improved support site experience. You can have a big impact with focused content improvement efforts that align to your customers biggest concerns.

To get started, begin by doing some analysis on what types of issues your customers are asking about most frequently when they contact you. If you have data, dig into it and figure out what it is telling.  If you don’t have data to look at, poll the agents who work with customers directly.  They can easily tell you what questions they are frequently asked.

After you have the frequently asked questions, test your support site by searching for information for those questions. Remember that you are playing the part of a customer who doesn’t understand your system from the inside like you.  They are coming to your support site with very limited visibility into how it works.  If you are able to, it would be great to ask a customer to help you with this. Even if you engage with your customer remotely, via web conferencing, you will see and hear what the experience feels like for them.

Now, starting with one of the frequently asked questions, improve the content by assigning a knowledge engineer resource to address the issues with the content.  They should remove the outdated content and update existing content with better and more targeted information. Don’t be tempted to create a single long document with responses to each of these frequently asked questions. Since each question is important to many customers, it requires substantial content that aligns to their needs (not yours) and should be kept separate to support findability.

This is a very simple way to positively impact your customer’s experience with your support site.  Ideally, this should not take a long time, but should be a focused effort to ensure that it is completed well. Don’t forget that you will have to keep this content maintained to be helpful.

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