Knowledge-Centered Support℠ (KCS): Expert Answers to Your Implementation Questions

Recently, we hosted an expert panel discussion, Re-imagine Your Customer Experience With Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS℠), where industry experts shared some great insights on how a knowledgebase transformation can drive change throughout your business.

Our audience asked some very insightful questions, and we’ll be expanding on our answers in this upcoming series of blog posts.

Today, Melissa Burch and Laurel Poertner, Irrevo Knowledge Strategists, expand on some of the answers shared during yesterday’s webinar.

Once KCS is implemented, how do increase the adoption rate by your customer service team?

Laurel PoertnerStart talking about the KCS Continuum. KCS is a journey and there are so many things you can add to a KCS program that add value. Start by getting volunteers to learn and try out new practices and techniques and then have them present their findings to the rest of the organization. It gives them the opportunity to show what they have learned and you will have more “Champions” around the office that get KCS into more conversations.

Melissa BurchI have seen great success when knowledge sharing participants see the impact they are making. Provide regular communications that show all participants the number of people who are using content and the feedback it has received. It is so validating when the efforts are acknowledged and it is making a difference in the lives of customers.

The biggest challenge in rolling out KCS is getting buy-in. Can you share some thoughts about the initial increase of Average Handle Time and After Call Work (ACW)? 

Laurel PoertnerTypically, we have not seen an increase in AHT at all. People usually worry that it will happen but I have never experienced it. The investment is more around finding time to dedicate to coaching activities. I would definitely set aside some initial training/ramp up time around coaching. Testimonials and case studies may also help get buy in from upper management. No two KCS programs are alike so it is impossible to predict the impact on one organization vs. another but if you can find similar industries and share their successes with some detailed metrics, that usually helps. Finding someone with KCS program management experience to help with the initial assessment is also a great way to increase the chance for success.

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If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch a recording of this webinar. Stay tuned to the Irrevo blog for more Q&A from this session, and follow us on Twitter to be the first to know when we share new answers.

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