Don’t Let Your Knowledge Die a Lonely Death: How Knowledge Centered Support Immortalizes Knowledge

I don’t have time to give the customers the quality attention I’d like to…I’m just keeping my head above water as it is!

Have you experienced this?

  • Your tech support staff drowning in a sea of service requests?
  • Your customers complaining about the quality of support they get?
  • Your staff demoralized because even they don’t think they are doing a good job for all their customers?

I have.

KCS and a good website where customers can get the information they need can solve this problem. But when you turn to the business, they say “What? You want us to take time out from working tickets to create knowledge articles too? Didn’t you get the part about us just barely keeping our heads above water as it is?”

The solution to this dilemma resides within a well-implemented KCS system, one in which knowledge articles are created as a by-product of working tickets – not as an additional activity on top of working tickets. In this mode of operation, people are not writing any more information than they currently are – it’s just that instead of writing it in notes in their tickets, where it dies a lonely death after the ticket is closed, they’re writing their notes in a different place. It takes no more time to write the information in a window on the left side of your screen than it does to write it in a window on the right side of your screen. But by using KCS methodologies to capture the data where it can be reused, you’re writing it somewhere where it survives the closing of the ticket, escapes the lonely death, and goes on to be re-used by many others as a knowledge article.

I do oversimplify this a bit, but not much. There will be a bit of extra time as your support staff publishes their information, while they pause to make sure that what they wrote in the heat of the moment of the ticket is worded in the best way for the new knowledge article’s extended public life. But that time is easily recovered from the vast time savings of the self-service that these knowledge articles enable.

The net result is fewer repeat issues stealing time from your support staff, so they can spend more quality time with the customers they are working with. The customers are happier, the employees are happier… and you are happier!

Hear from author Russ Brookes, Director of Knowledge Management and GSS Customer Satisfaction at Avaya, and the rest of our expert panel in our recorded webinar, Re-imagine Your Customer Experience with Knowledge Centered Support. Hear how others are capitalizing on the promise of KCS.

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