Creating Knowledge Management Transformations that Get Executive Support

This article was originally written for LinkedIn by Brent Kellogg, VP of Business Development at Irrevo. Follow him for industry news and commentary.

Effectively leveraging knowledge, for those that have mastered it, is very powerful. But I think for too many companies it remains a promise where the true value remains somehow out of reach. Blame is often placed on the last KM platform purchased and that it just isn’t delivering advertised results.. In our consulting practice we see this scenario all the time, and in some cases the technology is just the wrong fit. But more often its that the content is inconsistent, incomplete, hard to consume, and cluttered with outdated assets that are long overdue for archival.

The gold at the end of the tunnel is the CONTENT. Even the most expensive and sophisticated platform can’t improve the content itself.. this requires a thoughtfully designed knowledge program that becomes engrained in the culture of the company. Participation in the capture, curation, and use of the resulting knowledge is not an ask (such as “write 3 articles a week”), rather an integral part of how business is done – trusting people to contribute and be active participants in the process, both as authors and consumers.

A common theme we see is this idea of program vs project. Too often there is a surge of activity to address the content, often related to a new product launch, deployment of new technology, etc and there are never enough resources to get all the work done.. inevitably a lot of scope is “left for another day” – a day that never comes. The root problem is a project approach and the lack of a long term program vision, one that is embraced and sponsored from the top down.

We recently held a webinar that took a deeper look at this issue, titled “Build a KM Transformation Plan that Wins Executive Support”. Speakers include Melissa Burch and Laurel Poertner, Irrevo Knowledge Strategists, and Jennifer MacIntosh, VP of Customer Success at Coveo.

You can watch a recording of this session to learn more.