Are you ignoring your most knowledgeable employees?

As call center leadership, you know that your biggest asset is your frontline employees. After all, they’re the ones who have the power to provide an exceptional experience that creates lifelong customers. Your agents put the Service in Customer Service.

A single Customer Service Representative (CSR) can only help one customer at a time. If he is assisting the team, maybe he can help two or three customers at a time. Of course, all of your customers deserve an exceptional experience, and using the know-how of your ace reps can be a big help in working towards this goal. What can you do to best utilize your superstar reps’ knowledge and experience? Here are some suggestions:

Knowledge Sharing CSRsUse CSR-created articles

Many knowledge bases have the capability for users to create new articles or provide feedback on existing ones. Employees who spend all day speaking with customers know which policies are difficult to manage, which how-to steps are tricky, and which procedures require additional explanation. Using software that gives CSRs the opportunity to chime in and provide feedback on these type of situations helps bring your content creators closer to the customer experience. It also allows agents to help peers in your call centers around the world, instead of only building the expertise of the peers fortunate enough to sit within earshot.

Offer a simple survey

CSRs spend almost a third of their day trying to find the answers to the questions their customers ask. Setting up a simple survey to ask your agents what questions they can’t answer is a great way to leverage their experiences. This can give you useful insight into how to give your customers the best possible service experience.

Listen to recorded calls

Listen to calls. Your QA team is already recording calls, sometimes with screen shots. Take some time to review these calls in detail. Are your reps spending a lot of time filling dead air with small talk while they click around, struggling to find the answers for the customers’ queries? Look for specific articles on your support site that can be improved and be wary of trends that are having a negative impact on your customer’s experience.

Create a mentorship

A more direct step is to open up lines of communications between content teams who likely don’t interact one-on-one with customers and frontline reps who are fully engaged in the customer experience. A mentorship program that partners CSRs with content creators gives agents a peek behind the curtain and perspective on how the sausage is made, and gives support teams access to very detailed knowledge about customer roadblocks.

By listening to your agents as well as your customers, you’re positioning your organization for success with a truly exceptional customer experience while helping your most knowledgeable reps feel like valued members of the team.